About Us

Taking healthy eating to everyone’s plate


As the planet grows and emerging economies enjoy a better standard of living, they seek safe and sustainable foods to help them realise their human potential. From ‘Farm to Fork’ Sahaja provides natural and verified premium safe food products so that consumers can make healthy choices. We do this by carefully choosing from the finest fields of India, the produce grown by our valued Farmers, and then by using the Traditional grading processes, proven over the generations, only the best of the best produce is selected, there by having deep connect to our roots and bringing our consumers “Closer to the Roots”.

Sahaja business ethos is grounded in delivering the best, most premium products to the markets. This is underpinned by the commitment to health, wellness and optimal nutrition via safe, sustainable and responsible food supply and production inputs. Sahaja honours culturally appropriate product offerings, domestic and global nutrition standards and substantiation for products, packaging and promotional material for compliance with the Food Safety norms in India. Sahaja offers a variety of food, beverage and other nutritional products which have notable health benefits and unique product positioning in the market

Sahaja has a range of products that focus on food groups such as dairy and seeds which provide core nutrients vital for optimal health and wellbeing and specific nutritional benefits that are derived from Sahaja vanaru (natural sources) with minimal processing.